Meridian Health

Have you noticed a lag in your energy at a particular time of day?  Do you have insomnia?  Does your body clock seem to work on it’s own timeline?  Do you experience allergies or intolerances whether nutritionally, emotionally, or environmentally?  Have you ever experienced jet lag?  Is your masculine/feminine energy out of sync?  Do you struggle with pain from chronic health conditions?  If the answer is YES to any of those questions, this course is for you!

Sensational Healing

Have you ever wondered why some healing modalities work great for some people, but just don’t seem to resonate with you?  Or have you found your favorite method of healing that others can’t quite seem to understand or grasp? Come discover what YOUR healing sense is, sky-rocket your own health and teach others how they can heal faster than they ever thought possible!

Intuitive Muscle Testing

Enrich your understanding of your body and take your health into your own hands.  Figure out exactly what is standing in the way of where you are and where you want to be on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  Discover the right questions to ask, and find solutions to the problems you have been facing in your health and relationships.  Build confidence in your ability to use your intuition and spiritual gifts.

Manifesting Mastery

Are you tired of the results you seem to be getting in life?  Are you unsure of what you even want?  Are you sick of how slowly you seem to be going towards your goals?  Have a vision board that doesn’t seem to “work”?  Do you want to refine your ability to create abundance?  Are you ready to step up and start living your dreams?