Meridian Health

Have you noticed a lag in your energy at a particular time of day? Do you have insomnia? Does your body clock seem to work on it’s own timeline? Do you experience allergies or intolerances whether nutritionally, emotionally, or environmentally? Have you ever experienced jet lag? Is your masculine/feminine energy out of sync? Do you struggle with pain from chronic health conditions? If the answer is YES to any of those questions, this course is for you!

Based off of the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this course is all about your Meridians (one of the 7 energy systems within your body). Meridians are the energetic pathways that nourish and strengthen the main organs in your body. Meridian health is vital for a long, vibrant, and healthy life. Death ultimately occurs because of organ failure, so what could be more important to understand in order to sustain life? Years before disease manifests itself in the physical body, it will manifest in the ENERGY of the organs. You can become aware of your patterns, tendencies, trends, and find solutions to the health problems you WOULD HAVE faced in the future. Pretty cool, right?!

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This short course will teach you how to trace as well as “flush” each of your meridians. It will get your body rhythms in sync, and when utilized with muscle testing, it will lead you to discovering which meridians your allergies are stored in and flushing that energy out of those meridians for optimal health.

I recommend using this course in conjunction with the Sensational Healing course for a more complete understanding of the patterns, cycles, elements, and senses related to your personal healthcare.

I’m excited for you to join me in discovering all about your Meridians. Let’s get started!

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